A Legacy of Quality and Service

CCA Racing Products was founded in 2005 by Cam Amreihn. He developed a line of high-quality torque plates and other engine rebuilding tools, and manufactured them in Watertown, Wisconsin for several years before moving his operation to his home town of Menomonee Falls, WI.

In 2020, he sold the CCA Racing Products line to Protohawk, who has been serving the motorsports industry for design, prototyping, and small contract run manufacturing since 2013 in Saukville, WI. Owner Mike Gallo consolidated the two operations at a new, larger facility in Cedarburg, WI, where all CCA Racing Products are made today.

We pride ourselves at carrying on Cam’s dedication to quality, American-made products, using domestically-sourced hardware and materials, at affordable prices. By combining Protohawk and CCA Racing Products, we can now offer you a one-stop shop for precision tools, white-label products, built-to-specification automotive components and accessories, and just about anything else you need for a successful engine program.


A Dedication to Precision and Continuous Improvement

All our torque plates are developed using our in-house CMM capability with sub-micron precision, and we also offer replacement fixture and tooling plates that are compatible with several popular industry options for cylinder head flow bench testing and block or cylinder head o-ringing.  We use quantitative feedback from customers at the highest levels of engine rebuilding and motorsports to continuously improve our designs and offerings.

Product Innovation

Our primary focus is meeting customer needs and demands.

CCA Racing will continue to develop new products based on the needs of engine builders and performance enthusiasts.

Customer input and ideas are always welcome — please feel free to contact us with new or improved products you would like to see made available.

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